Why Juice It If You Don’t Like It?

Wanna know a secret?

I do not care for kale.

I never have, since I learned of its existence.

I used to walk by the kale in a salad bar, holding my breath. Looking at people who placed it in their bowls with utter confusion secretly doubting their taste buds.

Then there’s that time my sister and I were talking and she shared how she forgot some of her lunch at home, and had only brought the kale with her.

If that were me. That may have been the day I starved. 😂

Until I juiced it.

😅 Thank goodness for citrus! I put every citrus 🍊 I had in today’s mix. And when I tell you it was delicious 🤤

So my daughter asked, “why juice it if you don’t like it.” That’s precisely why I juice it baby.

I don’t know. If I keep making kale juices that are this tasty, I may try my sisters kale recipe. 

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