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Juicing is a fun way to add more nutrients to your diet. Juices are easy to make and so yummy! The vast array of ingredients and combinations makes it so everyday your tastebuds could experience a whole new flavor every time!

Some of the benefits I noticed while juicing:

⭐️ I stay fuller longer throughout the day.
⭐️ It is an activity my family and I enjoy doing together.
⭐️ I have more energy throughout the day.
⭐️ I sleep better all night.
⭐️ I have more focus during my work day.
⭐️ I detox naturally.
⭐️ I’m boosting my family’s immunity without any toxins.
⭐️ My skin is glowing.
⭐️ My hair is shinier.
⭐️ My nails are growing faster.

I began juicing initially, years ago. I would juice a couple days a week, sharing with my family & close friends how good for our bodies they are.

Then recently, I decided to take a step back from my businesses, relationships, and life. At what I had created up till that point, to re-evaluate my beliefs. This was a turning point in my life honestly.

I asked myself a simple question. Now, if you’ve been following me for some time and reading my posts, or watching my videos, you’d know that a “simple” question isn’t really simple. It is and it isn’t. Till you’ve created the neurology for a new habit, as humans we then have the ability to stop ourselves. But an animal for example, wouldn’t stop itself from hunting or eating. Till it becomes second nature to us, it is foreign.

I then decided to do things I had a desire deep down to do and stopped myself from doing.

One in particular, was making everyday a great day.

This all started when I asked myself, Why do I have a belief that every single day can’t be great? I evaluated.

It had been years since I sat down and visualized my great day. I then took notes on what I would do, what the day would look like, and marked every detail. One of which, is juicing.

One of the ways I detox is by using my sauna. Guess what is refreshing after thirty minutes in 130+ degrees of heat & sweat? A natural juice. It’s become a part of my routine. One thing that I can control, and am able to do every day and when I do it, I feel amazing.

What’s really awesome about juicing. You feel it right away.

Along the years, I have come across amazing products. Combined with juicing consistently, these supplements work even better than they ever have for me. For example, I drink a detox tea that is so light, you could take it and go to the beach. Now that I am juicing regularly, detoxing is such a breeze, making my sauna sessions even more beneficial as well.

Living on a beautiful island makes finding delicious fruits & vegetables easily accessible. For this reason, making my own home remedies, boosting my family’s immunity by juicing was not hard. I juice practically everything but not anything.

I started juicing daily because I wanted to break the negative habits that were affecting my mind, my mood and my thoughts.

I began feeling the results right away! Then I was that little girl in choir all over again, singing, “Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere!” Not only about God’s love but about the healing power of juicing. Some of my family members were catching on and had purchased juicers too!

Then the questions started coming in.

“D how many times a day is it safe to juice?”
“Can you share your recipes?”

I run a women’s group, we call Women’s Alchemy Circle, on Facebook. Right now, we are 1,800+ strong with women from all over the world, with different beliefs and values and dreams. When a few of the members began asking me about juice recipes. I thought it would be a great idea to start juicing challenges.

We hold each other accountable while developing healthy habits that fuel our bodies and minds. I’ve mapped out several juicing challenges and the next one is starting soon. I’ll share how you can join it with me, for free.

Q. What if you join one of the juicing challenges and love it?

A. My Natural Health Programs are for people who want to bring their health to a whole new level. 

Whether their goal is to gain weight, lose weight, or have the support of our growing community. These programs make it simple for any one wanting to shift their health, in a fun way.

On my website you can learn more about the different programs I offer as well as learn about my membership, Inner Alchemy. This is like being inside my kitchen. I have video trainings on topics like detoxing, fasting, hydration and more. I also give away 75+ yummy juice blends for you to try.

Health really is wealth.

Instead of sharing my natural health methods with only family & loved ones.

I’ve opened up my kitchen, digitally, to you and your family.

Learn how I boost my family’s immunity, live healthier all while having fun!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on my website. This is also where you can learn more my juicing challenges.

I also share with you discounts on the products I love and use most often. I know there are many things to consider, like budget, kitchen color scheme, counter space, and preferences. I hope to share with you what is working for me.

Here’s to natural health,

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