What Turned My Mango Smoothie Green?


When I first learned about this potent superfood, known in some cultures, to fight high cholesterol, hepatitis C and cancer. I was intrigued.

In one ounce is 287% Vitamin A of the DV, 202% DV of Iron and a whopping 133% DV of Zinc.

It also is great for detox.

I’m talking about heavy metals. Some people get exposed to heavy metals through pollution in our environment, or certain professions; like mining.

Then there are others, who get it from their food. Like @justinverrengia (IG) getting Mercury poisoning from eating fish every day. He then detoxed and went back to being a vegetarian.

Symptoms for heavy metal poisoning include: abdominal pain, shortness of breath, nausea, diarrhea, tingling in your hands and feet, chills, weakness, aggressive behavior, vision changes, sleep problems, headaches, unusual heart rhythm.

You can imagine how excited I was the first time I used chlorella. I wanted all those benefits in that one drink. So, I was dusting it everywhere and took a huge spoon and dumped it in.

I’ve learned to respect it since then. 😅A little goes a long way.

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