What Is Detoxification? | How To Use Detox For Weight Loss

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You came here because you asked the same question I did, “What is detoxification?”

I will be honest with you.

It wasn’t until I watched someone I knew personally go through the process of detoxing from a toxic level of heavy metal poisoning I began to really really look at what I eat.

I’ve always liked variety in my diet, but the notion that the foods I eat could poison me, had me in a research frenzy.

What is detoxification?

Well according to Oxford it’s,

the process of removing toxic substances or qualities.

There are many ways to do this actually.

Some involve a doctor and a medical professional to observe you during. Like the process of detoxing from heavy metals from eating fish constantly.

The ones I will share with you on this Juicy Journal are all-natural options you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Let’s talk why you may want to start the detoxification process in the first place.

The most common is weight loss.

When the body is losing weight, there may come a time when the weight is no longer shedding. By switching up one’s diet, and removing toxic foods, this allows the body and organs to perform better. Hence why weight begins shedding again.

The body detoxes through our skin, urine and bowel movements.

I once watched a close-up video of the skin of a man who was detoxing and I purchased a sauna right away.

My thoughts were, I shouldn’t wait till something is gravely wrong to want to make a change. Why not make the change now and turn it into a habit?

Another way to detox the body is through fasting.

My knowledge of fasting growing up was this was a practice to be done for spiritual awakening. It wasn’t until I was a young woman I learned of others fasting to lose weight and detox the physical body.

It makes sense too. By ridding the body of harmful toxins that are found in processed foods and replacing them with goodness from fresh fruits and vegetables. Our organs have the ability to work less, giving them a break, allowing them to “reset” and function better.

When practiced over a period of time, there have been many benefits to a lifestyle that includes fasting.

Two fasts to detox the body naturally are a water and juice fast.

Both require minimal preparation, as the body only needs to consume the liquids. I highly recommend if you are thinking about doing either fast you start with fresh fruits and vegetables the day before.

I’ve noticed the fasts I go from eating cooked foods are much harder mentally than the fasts I do when I prepare by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, mostly raw.

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If you are still here with me, I’ll assume 2 things about you.

  1. You’re an amazing individual! ⭐️
  2. You are looking for natural health solutions.

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I hope you enjoy it!

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