What Did Popeye The Sailor Man Teach Me About Nutrition?

I grew up watching Popeye The Sailor Man, defeat bad guys by gulping a can of spinach.

Sure, it was just a cartoon and canned food can never be compared to the freshness, wholesome effects of foods grown locally…but I got the point.

Popeye was onto something.

Spinach is loaded with vitamin C, is high in antioxidants, fights cataract & some forms of blindness, rich in fiber, combats high blood pressure and more.

I know it’s good for me, so I had to take the real test. Seeing if my 6 year old daughter would drink it.

Well, the verdict is in. This spinach juice blend I made today is going in the books as delicious! My daughter drank a full twelve ounces of it so quickly, I thought she gulped it in one sip! 😋

Do you have a favorite spinach recipe? The one we made today, might be mine.

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