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Immunity Boosting Foods | 10+ Foods To Help Boost Your Immunity

On this Juicy Journal, you will find a list of foods that will help strengthen your immunity. The cool part is, many of the foods listed have multiple benefits for the body and over-time you unlock them with regular consumption. If you have pre-existing conditions, it’s important you listen to your body and do your […]

Who Wants Glowing Skin?

🤚 Since juicing daily, I have received so many compliments on my skin. “You are glowinggggg”“D you look happy”“Your skin is everything” These are just some of comments left on my photos & videos. I feel amazing and honestly I didn’t care if anyone else noticed. I was doing it for me. I made a […]

Why Juice It If You Don’t Like It?

Wanna know a secret? I do not care for kale. I never have, since I learned of its existence. I used to walk by the kale in a salad bar, holding my breath. Looking at people who placed it in their bowls with utter confusion secretly doubting their taste buds. Then there’s that time my […]

What Did Popeye The Sailor Man Teach Me About Nutrition?

I grew up watching Popeye The Sailor Man, defeat bad guys by gulping a can of spinach. Sure, it was just a cartoon and canned food can never be compared to the freshness, wholesome effects of foods grown locally…but I got the point. Popeye was onto something. Spinach is loaded with vitamin C, is high […]

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